9 Useful Tips for you to Relieving Sticky Eyes at home

Walways recommend you see a qualified doctor first if you have problem. However, if it is not too serious, you can also take measures at home. Here we share 9 Useful Tips for you to Relieving Sticky Eyes at home. ,
◾Avoid harsh cleansing products. They will only disturb and irritate the eyes further.
◾Before bed, soak a (clean) cloth in warm water. Press the cloth onto your eyes and then wipe softly towards the outside corner of your eye. If you need to repeat these steps, make sure you’re using different ends of the cloth.
◾Drink plenty of water throughout the day
◾Ensure you maintain proper eyelid hygiene and consider a lid-cleaning solution.
◾Get sufficient sleep! Seven hours of sleep per night allows the body time to heal and gives your eyes an adequate rest.
◾Gently massage your eyelids immediately after applying the warmth.
◾If contact lenses become uncomfortable, wear glasses until symptoms are under control.
◾Look for products that are hypo-allergenic and remove ALL eye makeup before bedtime.
◾Throw away eye makeup after 3 months and invest in disposable applicators.
Although blepharitis does not typically cause permanent damage to eyesight, it can be a frustrating and chronic problem. Luckily, symptoms can be controlled in most cases. If you are experiencing any symptoms of blepharitis, dry eye or both- see a doctor to determine cause and proper treatment.