Allicin health benefits, side effects and dosage you should know before use it

Allicin is a component that’s formed when fresh garlic crushed, is bitten or cut. Allicin possesses antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties which allow it to be advantageous as it pertains to working with a broad variety of health conditions. Among the advantages of allicin include its use as a treatment for cancer, reducing cholesterol and preventing heart diseases. Nevertheless, allicin has side effects too. They include bad breath, burning gas, sensation, nausea, diarrhea, stomachache and heart burn.

Allicin benefits

Allicin is an excellent product to resist with cancer. It is reported that allicin can be used in fighting and preventing cancer. The scientific mechanism behind this activity of allicin is its ability to inhibit nitrosamine formation. This has the chance of reducing nitrosamine’s role in cancer. Furthermore, the immune system strengthens. This allows the entire body to resist diseases including cancer.

It’s reported that allicin might help in preventing the heart disease. The scientific mechanism behind this process is the skill of allicin in garlic to relax arteries. This lowers blood pressure therefore avoiding the heart disease. Complete, garlic has boosting effects on hydrogen sulfide and this has a relaxing impact on the arteries.

Allicin can be also taken by you as an antioxidant. Scientifically, allicin decomposes creating a potent antioxidant. However, the researchers questioned whether allicin is obviously responsible for this action. Consequently, additional studies are required to confirm if it is allicin that has antioxidant property or it is just another compound which is formed after its decomposition.

Allicin may be used to lessen cholesterol. According to this study, the scientific mechanism behind this activity of allicin is the way it can block bacterial enzymes’ actions when it reacts with thiols. This can help in reducing cholesterol in the body because thiols are essential elements of some enzymes that take part in cholesterol synthesis.

Allicin side effects

Its advantages are highlighted by almost every allicin review online but it has side effects also. Among the side effects of allicin include bad breath, burning sensation, gas, nausea, diarrhea, stomachache and heart burn. To avoid these side effects, consult with your health care provider before using allicin. Take the supplement in accordance with the prescription of doctor or the manufacturer, when taking allicin supplement.

Allicin dosage

To stop cancer, take 3.5 to 29 grams of cooked or fresh garlic every week to provide the body with the right number of allicin.

To prevent the heart disease or to lower blood pressure, take 600 to 1200 milligrams of garlic extract split into three pieces and take each portion.

To cut back cholesterol, take 600 to 1200 mg of garlic extract per day broken up into several doses.