Alpha Lipoic Acid and Weight Loss

Several supplements that may help in weight loss are under research worldwide to help treat overweight and obese people. Alpha Lipoic Acid is consider to be one of the best supplement for weight loss.

What is Alpha Lipoic acid?

Alpha Lipoic acid, being an antioxidant, scavenges free radicals which are to blame for retardation of our body cells as well as tissues. Further it adds to the level of vitamin E and C inside ones body and they’re also acknowledged as competent scavengers of free radicals. This biochemical’s of most use in patients of diabetes because it prompts the instant moving of glucose molecules to muscles, for being utilized. This course of action maintains the glucose level in the blood. Alpha Lipoic is significantly present in a number of food items such as peas, broccoli, rice bran, brewer’s yeast, milk, organ meat, and spinach.

Benefits of Alpha Lipoic acid for weight loss and How it works?

Alpha-lipoic acid can help you lose weight according to scientific research.It is reported that obese people who took 1,800 mg of Alpha Lipoic acid per day lost significantly more weight than people who used a placebo product. Another study show that a dose of 800 mg per day for four months cause a weight loss between 8 and 9 nine percent of body weight in obese or pre-obese teens.

Alpha lipoic acid may help reduce appetite, increase an individual’s energy, and stimulate the metabolism by regulating insulin levels. It can help prevent weight gain, but should not be relied upon as a sole source of weight loss support. It is still important to decrease caloric intake and increase physical activity. Using ALA is not guaranteed to produce any visible results and instead usually ends up enhancing an individual’s other weight loss efforts.

How to use Alpha Lipoic acid for weight loss?

Despite the positive research results, Alpha Lipoic acid is not a miracle pill that will make you lose weight on its own. In the weight-loss studies alpha-lipoic acid supplementation combined with a low calorie diet. When united with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Alpha Lipoic acid can help you lose more weight than without the supplementation.


When using alpha lipoic acid for weight loss, a normal dosage amount would be anywhere from 20 to 50 milligrams (mg). Pregnant or nursing women should not take the supplement since its effects on developing infants are unknown. Likewise, individuals with kidney or liver troubles should refrain from taking it. Diabetics and those on thyroid medications are advised to check with a medical professional before taking ALA.