Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention Tips

Carpal Tunnel is caused by repetitive movements or awkward positions which the wrists and hands are not naturally used to. There are no sure-fire ways of preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But you can take some certain measures to prevent that.   Here we share Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention Tips for you below.

  • Frequent Breaks CAN lower the rist of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Let go of the work that you’ve been doing every hour and stretch your hand and fingers lightly in order to help them relax. If you work with equipment that vibrates, make sure you take more breaks. This way you can prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • In order to prevent Carpal Tunnel it is important to keep the force with which you perform tasks in check. People often use more force than is necessary in order to perform small task. If you are a cashier or typist, hit the keys softly. For those who need to write extensively, the best writing instrument would be a large pen with a soft grip and smooth ink. Reduce the pressure you put on paper if you are prone to applying pressure.
  • Posture is a very important factor not only for Carpal Tunnel Prevention but also for the prevention of various other bone related diseases. Incorrect posture can cause the shoulders to slump and roll forward. This causes aggravation of the neck and shoulder muscles. This causes problems in your arms, hands and wrists. Never bend your wrist all the way to the extremes. Keeping your wrist in a relaxed middle position will keep you at lesser risk of getting the illness. Since the wrist is the main problem area, it needs to be taken care of and dealt with caution.
  • Warm Hands is a good way to keep Carpal Tunnel Syndrome away.  A cold environment has always been known as a cause of stiff joints. Make sure to keep your hands warm by keeping the thermostat down. If you don’t have the option of reducing the overall temperature wear fingerless gloves, which will allow you to work and provide warmth to your joints.
  • Prop-up Your Hands can also be helpful.  Keep long foam pads under your keyboard where your wrists usually lie when typing. With your wrists at ease, they will cause your fingers to relax and work in a more fluid way. This will also reduce the stress on your wrist and help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

There may be many ergonomic-related suggestions for those interested in the prevention of carpal tunnel. Just let us know if you have better idea.