Do not Take Nattokinase if you are in situation as below

Is the nattokinase enzyme safe to use? Yes, if you’re a healthy person without any blood disorders or if you are pregnant and then it is dangerous to take it. As we’ve discussed, there is not enough known concerning the results of the enzyme on pregnant woman, or on the fetus. So if you’re pregnant, either see your doctor before taking it, or refrain from taking uncooked natto or all kinds of supplement that is nattokinase during your term. It is consistently better to be safe than sorry.

Also, if you have any type of trauma or injury, then the best advice is not to take this enzyme. We realize that nattokinase helps to thin the blood. If you’ve got an injury that is bleeding externally or internally like a stomach ulcer, you then need to exclude it out of your diet or nutritional supplement plan.

The same also goes for any kind of operation, even dentistry kind surgery. Any time your body is vulnerable to losing a lot of blood, is a good time to not take nattokinase.

You also ought to avoid taking the enzyme if you are now taking any sort of blood thinning treatment like warfarin, aspirin, heparin and ibuprofen (notice that a number of those are normally employed for pain relief, but bare them in mind in the event that you consider taking nattokinase). Your body doesn’t want two agents acting reducing it’s power to form clotting as this could cease your bodies natural means of fixing itself.

Yet, your body does need an ability to coagulate (in case you cut yourself, as an example) and if your blood is unable to clot then you would lose a lot of blood. In addition, if you fall upon a little hole your blood must be permitted to clot to fix these holes.

And when you currently take any kind of anti-coagulant drugs, nattokinase should not be used by you as the mix of both of these can cause you serious bruising from even the smallest touch of your skin.

Nattokinase also lowers blood pressure, so if you’re anemic or generally suffer from low blood pressure, you then should again, not require this enzyme as it will further reduce your blood pressure nausea, dizziness and the possibility of you passing out.