Health benefits and side effects of Herba Centellae

Centellae asiatica is a plant that is commonly found in marshy areas in India, Madagascar, East Africa, Malaysia, Southern U.S and South America. It is also known as the Indian pennywort. Health benefits of Centellae asiatica include treating anxiety, venous conditions and healing wounds. Here we list the main health benefits of it below.

Health benefits of Herba Centellae

  • It’s possible for you to use herba centelllae infusion to treat wounds. Herba centellae infusion has been applied as a treatment for small wounds. The mechanism behind this effect is the existence of triterpenoids that speed up the healing process while fostering the action of antioxidants in the wound. These compounds also boost the supply of blood to the wound while reinforcing the skin. It is reported that wounds treat substantially quicker when compared to the untreated wounds and which can be treated using herba centellae infusion contract. Therefore, no human trials, the study supports the original usage of the herb in treating wounds even though the study was conducted using mice.
  • One primary advantages of herba centellae infusion is for venous states . Herba centellae infusion will help in reducing swelling in individuals struggling with various venous conditions and enhancing circulation. Such states include varicose veins and venous insufficiency. These states result in collection of blood. Based on a study which was published in Pharmacology journal in 2001, the infusion reduces tiredness, ankle edema, pain, swelling and cramps in lower extremities. Based on researchers, the dosage that proved successful in the decrease in symptoms for individuals experiencing venous hypertension was 180milligrams daily. The scientific mechanism behind this effect of the infusion is the way it can reinforce veins that are poor . It will help in stabilizing the development of connective tissues.
  • In addition, you can use herb centellae infusion to cut back stress . The triterpenoids that are located in herba centellae infusion will aid in reducing stress while increasing mental function. Additionally it is reported that after taking the infusion, patients demonstrated less stress after hearing new sound just between 30 and 60 minutes after taking the infusion. Although according to these findings herba centellae infusion could have anti-stress properties in people, the healing effectiveness of the extract in stress symptoms’ treatment remain not clear.

Side effects of Herba Centellae

But this infusion has side effects too which contain liver toxicity and contact dermatitis. Potential Herba Centellae Infusion side effects as as under. Contact dermatitis is reported as a complication of the infusion. After utilizing the infusion there also have been reports of instances of liver toxicity. Use herba centellae infusion in accordance with producer ‘s or doctor’s directions to prevent these side effects. Since it may cause menstruation pregnant and nursing women shouldn’t take the infusion.