How and where to Buy a Menstrual Cup

As an environment-friendly alternative,menstrual Cup is now more and more popular among women as it is easy to use and more safe without causing plumbing problems. A menstrual cup can help you save your pipes, your money and the Earth. Here we tell you how and where to buy a good menstrual cup in detail.

There are more than 10 menstrual cup brand on the market now, so we suggest you to go to some review site or visit manufacturer’s websites to compare menstrual cups functions first. You can pick the right brand for yourself by your own condition, many people will choose the Keeper, Diva Cup and Moon Cup according to our research.

The second thing is to determine the material you want. Beginners may want to start out with the more manageable rubber cup.Women who are allergic to latex rubber should opt for silicon cups. Some women may find silicon menstrual cups more difficult to insert than their rubber counterparts, but they may also find that it’s less difficult to position properly when inserted. Just make decision based on your own body.

We suggest you to determine the features you want for your menstrual cups. Some menstrual cups have markers that assist females measure menstrual flow volume. Ridges on a stem can make it simpler to eliminate. Stem lengths vary and a few brands even encourage a lady to modify the stem to her preferences.

Also determine the size you require. Cup and stem sizes vary from brand to brand. The cup size you choose should be proportional to the maximum volume of your flow. In addition, some brands may separate menstrual cup sizes according to age and child birth history.

Finally, when you determine all the detail you need, you can order your menstrual cup now. You can buy that from online store such as Amazon, or just buy that from local health store.