How to make mulberry leaf tea at home

Mulberry leaf tea is suitable for young and old because it offers several vitamins that are useful for health. For patients who suffered from diabetes or high blood pressure, mulberry leaf tea can help decreasing sugar levels and blood pressure. Unlike other teas, mulberry leaf tea does not include caffeine, which means you needn’t to worry about that mulberry leaves will cause any side effects to the human body. Now, let’s learn just how to produce mulberry tea by ourselves. Here we tell you the way to Produce Mulberry Leaf Tea at house.

Step 1. Select leaf. In the upper picking mulberry pollution, no pests of mulberry leaves also.

Step 2. Clean. A picking mulberry leaves after washing with water, obtained and air-dried to provide a clean mulberry leaves;

Step 3. Chopped. Dehydrated mulberry leaves after shredding by the shredder, which removed some mixed leaf veins and stems, leaves chopped length of about 3.0 cm, a width of about 1.5 cm;

Step 4. Repairing. The chopped leaves added to the repair machine fixing process, removing leaves juice, thereby eliminating the astringent and green flavor, temperature control of the fixing unit at 200  centigrade to 230 centigrade;

Step 5. Rolling. The blade fixing treated join Discolor, quality blades and Discolor ratio of 100: 8, by rolling machine, leaves for further processing, additional removal of juice, remove mulberry green and astringent taste flavor PDB natural sweet incense formula accessories, aromatic sweet taste can be improved so that mulberry leaf tea more palatable;

Step 6. Drying. The dryer temperature control at 120 centigrade, following the mulberry leaf rolled down the internet following the sieve into the drier for drying the molding;

Step 7. Storage: After drying the resultant dried mulberry leaves by the line.