How to Maximum the health benefits by drinking wheat grass juice?

Wheat grass powder contains more than 140 kinds of nutrition. It is rich in active enzymes, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, fiber, and essential amino acids and trace elements. The human body needs rich nutrients to make the best blood circulation, and wheat grass can fitly offer these nutrients. Wheat grass juice can provide the nutrients required for human activity. In order to maximum the health benefits, we suggest you to follow the below tips when drinking the wheat grass juice.

Drink it within 20 minutes, or wheat grass juice will be will oxidized and lose its efficacy.

We suggest you to drink before the meal, generally in 15 minutes you can feel refreshed and relaxed, vigorous, so you’d better not to drink it before go to sleep, because the brain will be excited after oxygen that may affect sleep.

Fresh wheat grass juice is rich in many active ingredients, so it may taste bitter, you can add a little sugar or honey to drink, the sweet juice may be the best. Diabetic patients can add some xylitol to increase the sweetness, which is harmless.

Reduce the dosage or stop to drink when diarrhea or stomach discomfort, according to your body’s reaction, timely adjust the dosage until the body can adapt to.

No taboo when drink wheat grass juice, better to eat more fruit and vegetables as much as possible. Drink more water more, and pay attention to have rest.

In order to have a better effect, you can close your eyes to have a rest for a few minutes after drinking, and do not eat other food or drugs.

Wheat grass juice cannot be heated, because heating may weaken its nutritional benefits.

Every day to drink 85-170 ml of fresh wheat grass juice can increase human body’s resistance to cope with the tension and stress of modern life.