How to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by surgery?

Carpal Tunnel can be treated by surgical and non-surgical ways. Here we tell you how to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by surgery?

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel surgery is a more targeted surgical treatment for Carpal Tunnel as compared to open surgery. A small incision is made into the wrist. This method, called the single-portal techniques aims at disturbing the least amount of tissue as possible. Another method where two small incisions are made in the palm and the hand is called the two-portal method. Recovery from this method is quicker and leaves lesser scarring than open surgery. The pain also begins to subside after 3 months of the surgery. This method however is not as effective as open wrist surgery and has increases chances of reoperation in case of any complications.

Open Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

This surgical cure of carpal tunnel allows doctors to fully see the trouble that the patience has been facing. They get a better view of the tissues and the carpal ligament which needs to be cut. An incision is made on the palm and the wrist. This surgery has a lower chance of complications but may leave a scar and requires a longer recovery period than other surgical treatments.

Small Open Release Surgery

In order to find the perfect balance between open and endoscopic Carpal Tunnel surgery doctors have opted for a small open surgery method in which a smaller incision is made into the wrist. This incision however is not too small and allows the doctor to get a good look at the ligament. This is done to minimize healing time and eliminate scar formation.

Once surgery is complete the doctors conduct nerve tests in order to see how effective the procedure was. The decision on whether or not you should opt for surgery is one that you should discuss in depth with your doctor. Explore all options and look for Carpal Tunnel treatments that will best suit you. If your symptoms are mild, it’s best to do some exercises or wear a wrist splint.