How to use Kava Kava for Depression treatment

Depression affects almost 18 million Americans every year. Kava kava, is a plant that can be used for relief of depression. So now kava have been recommended by natural health practitioners and patients although there is not enough evidence to support its use for depression treatment.

Kava kava have been used for thousands of years. The roots of the kava plant are crushed and mixed with cool water, just drink the mixture and you can benefit from it. Now you can also find kava kava in capsule and extract form on the market.

The main use of kava kava is to promote better quality of sleep. It is reported that at least 90 percent of depressed patients also report sleep problems, and kava kava can help to improve this condition a lot. Besides, kava kava users also have a greater ability to relax and have a decrease in muscle tension.

At present, there is not too much modern research about the effect of kava kava for treatment of anxiety and depression reduction. No major side effects were reported from the use of kava. More research is required in the future. In order to have a good effect, you should take the proper dosage depending on the form. Pure kava extract may be taken at a dose of 100mg taken up to three times daily. When kava is measured in kavapyrones, the starting dosage may be between 60 and 120mg. Because kava produces feelings of sleepiness, all doses should be taken at a time when sleep is convenient.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use kava. Kava is not recommended for use in children under the age of 18. Kava has been banned in some countries due to evidence of liver toxicity and other serious health concerns after heavy kava consumption or chronic use. Besides, there might be side effects such as seizures, blood abnormalities, kidney damage, and poor muscle control as well as stomach upset, headache and skin rash after taking that supplement. Also pay attention to that while using Kava Kava for Depression treatment.