Inflammation: the main factor causing dragging pain after unprotected sex

Inflammation is the main factor causing dragging pain after unprotected sex. The most common disturbance of normal vaginal microflora is the Candida infection. This fungal disease may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Curdy discharge with acid putrid smell
  • Dyspareunea (painful coitus) and pain after unprotected sex
  • Genital discomfort – itching, burning, reddening of external genitals

This is a sexually transmitted infection, which requires complex treatment of both partners.

Salpingitis and pelvic neuralgia are considered to be more distant inflammatory causes of post-coital pain. Both of these diseases result from previous sexually transmitted infections. In the first case, inflammation disseminates from the vagina to the uterine tubes, causing acute adnexal affection. In the second case chronic infection serves ground for neuritis, innervating the pelvis. Apart from gynecological treatment, this condition requires also neurologist’s consultation.