Is blighted ovum a common disease for women?

Is blighted ovum a common disease for women? It seems not.   Blighted ovum  is not something that many people have heard about. However, they are probably more common than you think. Many miscarriages may not even be diagnosed as a blighted ovum so women may not realise that is what they have had. Because a lot of women will miscarry before they get to their twelve week scan, they may not know that they have a blighted ovum as it generally needs to be diagnosed by means of an ultrasound.

So if you are suffering, or have suffered from a blighted ovum, it may or may not be good news that this is quite a common thing. The good news is that it is really ‘just one of those things’ and so will likely not happen again (although evidence suggests it is more common in older women because of poor egg quality). The bad news is that it can just hit anyone.

So, if you have suffered from a blighted ovum I’m afraid you are one of very many but maybe you can use this to your advantage to gain support from other people and also maybe see their success stories post blighted ovum.