Is cellulite permanent for women?

Is Cellulite a Permanent Condition? Someone might have such question especially women who love beauty. Here we explain that to you in general.

Cellulite is a fatty deposit underneath the skin that creates a textured appearance similar to that of cottage cheese, orange peels or dimples. It is most prevalent in the buttocks, hips and thighs, and can be found in people of all weights and conditions. While cellulite is not a harmful condition, many people find it unsightly, and refrain from wearing swimsuits or short pants and skirts to avoid exposing their cellulite in public. Products and procedures on the market claim to reverse or remove cellulite; however, it appears to be a permanent condition.

cellulite permanent women

Although cellulite can appear in anyone, genetics increase the probability of developing it. Hormonal changes and not drinking enough water may also contribute to cellulite. In addition, smoking, a lack of exercise, and a failure to consume fiber, fruits and vegetables are other determining factors. The dimpled appearance of cellulite is more visible in women who have thinner skin than it is in other women and most men. Also, the connective tissue in men is horizontal, while it has a honeycomb shape in women, which contributes to the bulging, cottage-cheese look. In addition, cellulite is more visible in people who store fat in their hips and thighs than in people who have larger fat deposits around their waist area. Overall, cellulite is not permanent for women, and you can take the below measures to cure it.

  • Most medical professionals view cellulite as a cosmetic condition, not a medical condition. Liposuction can be a type of surgery that removes fat in the physique. Having said that, liposuction can not get rid of cellulite. Cleveland Clinic also says that liposuction just isn’t an effective method to combat liposuction, and warns that skin irregularities could develop from either overcorrecting or beneath correcting these fatty deposits.
  • Exercise may also help to diminish the appearance of cellulite. It is reported that strength-training exercises performed at least three times a week can improve the body’s composition. Strength training includes the use of dumbbells, elastic bands or even the weight of your own body. If you use free weights, include dumbbell squats, body weight trunk extensions and curls, and band hip adduction and abduction. Use exercise machines to perform overhead presses, leg presses and seated leg curls, and hip adduction and abduction exercises.
  • Cosmetic products such as cellulite cream do not eliminate cellulite, but they can reduce its appearance. Anti-cellulite creams found in drugstores can temporarily plump up the skin, giving the appearance of a smoother texture. Look for products that contain antioxidants and ingredients such as caffeine, coffeeberry, retinol, aminophylline or alpha hydroxy acids.