Is it possible to get pregnant after a blighted ovum?

Many people wonder if it is possible to be pregnant again straight after a blighted ovum. The answer is yes. You can be get pregnant as soon as you start ovulating again. However, as to whether you should or not well you should consult your doctor as it may well not be in your best medical interests to get pregnant straight away.

It may well be that, particularly if you had a D&C, your lining is thinner than it needs to be to sustain a new pregnancy after a blighted ovum and this is one reason why doctors sometimes advise you to wait 3 months until trying again.

Also, you ought to keep testing until the HCG goes out of your system as this can take a few months and if you don’t know if the old HCG is gone then you may not know if you are actually pregnant again. You can buy some cheap pregnancy test strips to check that the HCG is leaving your system and maybe do one every 3-4 days until it is gone. Once the hcg is gone from your system you will know if any hcg is your blood/urine after this is from a new pregnancy.

The first few cycles after the miscarriage it is possible that you may not ovulate so it is also a good idea to check your temperatures daily to see what is going on with your body. You may also ovulate at different times to your normal cycle while your body is getting itself back to normal. Therefore your cycle may be shorter or longer than normal and could be anything from 17 to 40+ days so try not to worry if your body does not immediately go back to your normal cycle length.

The main reason why doctors advise to wait at least until you have another period after the miscarriage is that it makes it easier for them to date the pregnancy if you do. If there is no period (and it is still possible to get pregnant before you have your next one) then they don’t have any baseline date to guide them on the dating.

If you do get pregnant straight away   then the medical data says that there is no higher risk of having another blighted ovum and although you are going to worry that this will happen, it is no more likely than anyone else.