Is It Possible To Use Serrapeptase and Nattokinase Together?

Serrapeptase and nattokinase are completely different enzymes. They both are proteolytic enzymes, which would be to say they both break down proteins, especially fibrin in the bloodstream. They both initially came from natural sources in China and Japan, serrapeptase from silkworms and nattokinase from the fermented soy food natto. However they do not do fairly exactly the same things in your body.

Serratiopeptidase breaks down collagen and fibrin. It can benefit the body clean out broken tissue in bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It’s particularly helpful for breaking down fibrin. It will help the body dissolve blood clots. That may be beneficial in treating bruises. And it prevents the formation of scar tissue to ensure that joints keep their range of movement as they cure.

Nattokinase is somewhat broken up in the process of digestion. The pure nattokinase that passes to the bloodstream also dissolves the protein fibrin. This prevents or corrects a few of the issues which can be due to blood clotting, but nattokinase doesn’t break down damaged collagen.

Nattokinase fragments, nevertheless, can do something that serratiopeptidase cannot. They become an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. They prevent the hormone angiotensin from being converted into the hormone angiotensinogen, which increases blood pressure. Only how much nattokinase lowers your blood pressure is determined by how completely it’s digested. In the event you are taking antacids for heartburn, for example, your belly will create less acid as well as the nattokinase will be less completely broken down into fragments. It has more of a blood thinning effect than the usual blood pressure lowering effect.

Some nutritional supplements join serratiopeptidase with nattokinase. There are a few folks for whom this is an excellent mix. Should you work out within your routine for controlling your blood pressure and you also suffer an injury, it’s likely to be more difficult to keep your hypertension in check when you are recuperating.

Serratiopeptidase supports healing of muscles, bones, and connective tissues, while nattokinase might give only that tiny boost in blood pressure control which makes the difference that keeps you from being forced to take more medicine or including a fresh drug. do not require nattokinase should you take aspirin for the heart or in the event that you are on prescription anticoagulant drugs. There’s almost no danger of an adverse reaction, just one adverse reaction reported in the medical literature, but the combined effects are impossible to forecast.

And in the event that you do not have high blood pressure, serratiopeptidase and nattokinase are redundant. Because serratiopeptidase is a more powerful and more versatile proteolytic enzyme, also it doesnt simply dissolve fibrin, it’s the enzyme you will need.