Stages of mucous discharge between periods

Transparent whitish discharge is a normal form of vaginal secrete, produced throughout the whole cycle. Its consistency may change depending on a specific stage of production. We can highlight six such stages:

Dry days – the phase, which closely follows the period and lasts for no more than 3 days. It is some kind of a rest period in the operation of mucous glands. There is almost no mucus produced in this phase, since conceiving is theoretically impossible.

Thick, sticky discharge also lasts 3-4 days and points to the low level of estrogen and thus, to the fact that ovulation is not too close.

Mucus between periods acquires cream-like consistency, which indicates to the imminence of the second phase of the MC.

Profuse watery discharge is observed for another 2-3 days in the setting of intensive estrogen activity.

This type coincides with the ovulation phase. The mucus is produced in significant amounts, it is transparent and stretches well, resembling an egg white.

Cervical mucus immediately before period is rather thick, there is not too much of it, it has white color and no smell. These features are conditioned by the influence of progesterone in the endometrial secretory phase. This stage of cervical mucus is the most long-lasting one and it constitutes almost half of the whole MC.