What Is a Menstrual Cup?

What Is a Menstrual Cup? Maybe you do not know this new way of life for women, but you have to know that the menstrual cup is becoming more and more popular, and it is an alternative method of hygiene during the female menstrual cycle. A menstrual cup is worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual flow. Below we make detail introduction for your reference.

The history of Menstrual Cup. Although menstrual cup is not very popular in the past years, it already have a long history. It is reported that Menstrual Cups were invented in the 1930s and first marketed in the 1940s by The Keeper company.

The material of Menstrual Cup. The original cup was made of gum rubber in 1930s, it is not quite healthy. Later companies started making them with latex but there is also a part of women who might experience an allergic reaction to latex. Now manufacturers began to use medical grade silicone to make the cup. It is the most safe way till now.

Size of Menstrual Cup you can choose. The menstrual cup will hold approximately 1 ounce of liquid. During your entire menstrual cycle the average amount of blood flow is about 3 to 4 ounces.

How Menstrual Cup Works. The opening of the cup forms a seal with your vaginal wall, allowing the cup to catch your menstrual flow.The Menstrual Cup are flexible so that you can fold or bend them to place up into the vagina.

How to use Menstrual Cup? You should put it in while use it and taking it out when it is full. Generally speaking,the menstrual cup will need to be taken out every 6 to 12 hours. You will rinse it out and put it back in. Taking it in and out is the tricky part, but with practice it gets easier. You can sleep with the menstrual cup in place.

Here we brief introduce the Menstrual Cup to you, if you want to know more, just send us email or search on the net.