You must know this before taking motherwort supplement

Some of you may believe that motherwort benefits females, because it is just a traditional Chinese medicine and it has no side effects at all, so you can take motherwort extract as hearth care products. Actually, that is totally wrong! Here is something you must know this before taking motherwort supplement.

Everyone body knows that all medicines have more or less toxic component. If you don’t fall ill, you are not suggested to take it. Besides motherwort extract harms spleen and stomach, if you take it for a long time or you do not digest well, it will influence your digest function, like diarrhea, therefore, you’d better take Chinese angelica extract instead to promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

When to take motherwort then. Generally speaking, only taking motherwort extract doesn’t cure pelvic inflammation´╝îcervicitis and other gynecological disease. It will take long time to recovery your body, if you just take motherwort extract and you won’t get an obvious result either. If you are suffering these diseases mentioned before, you need to see your doctor at once.

Please keep in your mind that you are definitely prohibited to take anything about motherwort in that it is easy to cause miscarriage if you are pregnant!